Why do you need to seek help from professionals?

The bottom line is that you can spend a huge amount of time looking for your dream job, or not find it at all, since a lot of factors and nuances are inherent in the field of job search. Thus, you can use our help in this not simple matter, because we have a large base of various vacancies, including those with vacancies that are not open for public access.
Our specialist, immediately after your request, will contact you, and everything will tell you in detail about what actions and what information is needed from you.

Simple and transparent
We provide you with several options, you are interviewed and after you receive a job offer, pay for our services.
Right to choose a specialist
If our specialist does not suit you, you can always ask for a replacement so that you are more comfortable.
Job Selection Guarantees
We guarantee that we will select at least 3 vacancies according to the criteria specified by you.

Our Prices

140$/per month
One consultation with our specialist
3 vacancies for your criteria
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170$/per month
Two consultation with our specialist
5 vacancies for your criteria
Shared chat with job seekers
Opportunity to get a test interview
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260$/per month
Our consultant is constantly in touch with you
10 vacancies for your criteria
Shared chat with job seekers
Opportunity to get a test interview
Consultation on your CV
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Write to us and we will find you a job

Confidence in the legal field

Quite a lot of recruiting companies are now on the market, probably like everyone else, we try to comply with all modern principles, techniques in finding a job for you. The market is huge and it should be borne in mind that sometimes very tempting vacancies will turn out to be real, so you should also pay attention to this and trust such a serious matter to professionals who, among other things, have full-time legal advisers.